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used motorcycles in Knoxville TN

TUNING - Street or Race

We offer different levels of tuning for every rider:

- Street, custom maps in real time (recordings)
- Race maps in real time (how many sensors do you want to read/record, or Bluetooth technology...we can play)

We can handle almost all the tuning products in today's market (Dynojet, Bazzaz, Motec and so on...even Rapid Bike ), fuel injection or carburetors

We sell also all those products with a very slim profit margin, so please ask for our discounts.

Tuning, performance and positive improvements that's what we love...

PRO BOOST dealer - turbo kit

ProBoost from Finland is in our opinion (and no only ours, looking at the top names in drag racing) the way to go for turbo kits (race or street)
After testing and fine tune our Bandit 1200 with race kit, we are ready to offer any level of turbo kits/upgrades.
Welcome to TURBOHOLIC !


DUE TO COMPLETELY LACK OF SUPPORT FROM DIMSPORT WE STOPPED PROMOTING THIS PRODUCT, not counting here that we had to cover Dimsport with our funds and debug this product !!! And please don't even ask about names like Foster or Technoresearch

UPDATE - Jan. 2010 : After a pathetic try with a new sale rep (Dimsport had about four sale rep for US in the last three years) they failed to change the way of doing business in indirect market, not counting here that they refused to pay some over a year old debts to Moto4us (documented with invoices from Technoreserch...they sold modules what supposed to be shipped free to dealers !)

PS:  if you are a tuner contacted by Dimsport, please do your homework first...I don't want nobody living the same nightmare like me and my customers...btw I'm not the only one, so just ask around.

One Stop for All Your Needs:

- Rapid Bike
- Performance Parts
- Tunning

Moto4us,Inc was a pioneer in promoting RB in US&Canada and we proved already how much potential it has.

We have a very long list with what bikes we tuned, but we like more "freelancer" style of tuning and we are proud to be the first tuner in US on few exotic bikes (in some cases also, the only one so far in the world).
Few examples : Ducati 749/999, Ducati S2R 1k, Ducati S4RS, Ducati Classics, 1098, MV Agusta Brutale & 312R (not much success on 312 with RB3), Hayabusa RB2 & RB3...anyway this is what we love to do....THAT WAS BACK IN 2006-2007...

We can do cars too, most interest we have in BMW tuning and scan...

Just a little time to "waste" on cars but here is an outside hands or know how involved, only our fingerprints